Everything is in you
Everything is in you

My name is

My name is

Ana Narcisa Anghel

I am certified in Integral Coaching.This type of coaching gathers the 3 main methodologies:

  1. American Coaching
  2. Humanistic
  3. Ontological

Through Destino Coaching S.L under an accredited program ACTP by ICF (International Coach Federation).

Some years ago I went through a phase in my life

Which is usually known as EXISTENTIAL CRISIS

Although I like to call it more, an awakening. The automatic mode stopped working and I didn't know who I really was, what was the meaning and purpose of life and my existence, among many other questions that I started asking myself. Without being aware at that moment of it, little by little I embarked on the bittersweet adventure of self-discovery. I changed several jobs, cities and even countries. Whatever was necessary to feed that inner desire to provide my soul with what it truly wanted, needed and made it happy.

Some years ago I went through a phase in my life
Of course that happiness

Of course that happiness

Didn´t come from a place outside of me

But all these changes helped me see life in different ways to what I was used to. Little by little I was leaving the indoctrination received until then and I began to live  my way and not in the pre-established way. During that time, I tried several ways of personal and spiritual development to try to answer those questions that were in my head. And that whole journey took me to where I am today.

Desiring to fulfill my purpose of accompanying other people who are going through a similar process.

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What is COACHING for me

Ana Narcisa Anghel

For that reason, I could not classify my methodology.

As it is coming from a source of creativity in continuous transformation.

What I can say is that is going beyond integral coaching, towards transpersonal coaching, and that it nourishes from eastern philosophy (Taoism, Zen, Buddhism, Confucianism) and western (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) as well as from psychology (Humanist, Gestaltic, Behaviorism, Systematic, Cognitive and Constructivist).

Also from PNL, Consultancy and Neuroscience.

I offer you

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

And now what?

Ana Narcisa Anghel

The answers

Did you know that the answers to these questions and whatever else you can make during your life are nowhere else but within you? The true teacher or master, has been, is and always will be YOU. What should be done is (re)connect with your deepest being, your "higher self", your true potential.

Enhance your intuition and redirect your life from that place.

Ana Narcisa Anghel

The solution

Many times it's not just about finding an answer but finding a solution and becoming aware of it and taking responsibility. Coaching becomes a laborious gardening work. First, you have to remove the weeds and then start planting seeds. With the necessary conditions and care, the fruits will soon be seen.

Ana Narcisa Anghel

If it resonates with you


I was looking forward to meeting you and travel together this incredible journey called life by co-creating together something wonderful that can hardly be explained in words.